Russellville School District Coordinated School Health

Coordinated School Health Program (CSH) consists of eight interactive components: Nutrition Services, Physical Education, Health Education, Health Services, Counseling and Support Services, Healthy School Environment, Health Promotion for Staff, and Family and Community Involvement.  

Russellville School District is proud to support all of these components for our students and staff. 

Building Assignments/Nurses:

Nurse Coordinator: Annie Schanink, RN BSN

 Center Valley Elementary:  Melanie McCrotty    Oakland Heights Elementary:  Kristin Johnson
 Crawford Elementary:  Rhonda Harris    Upper Elementary 5th Grade:  Jessica Holman
 Dwight Elementary/SLC:  April Mashon    Russellville Middle School:  Terri Shaffer
 London Elementary:  Morgan McKnight    Russellville Junior High School:  Ashley Peters
 Sequoyah Elementary:  Annie Schanink    Russellville High School:  Rita Hugen

Dates to Remember: