The RSD Leadership Team ensures an environment conducive to learning, the
development of leadership capacity, the wise use of district
resources, and the adherence to board policy.

The Russellville School District maintains high expectations for all the learning community.  Each district department focuses upon educating the whole child through its specialized area. 

To maintain high standards of excellence professional learning must occur.  Professional learning is the means by which teachers, administrators and other school system employees acquire, enhance or refine the knowledge, skills and commitment necessary for a quality school district.  Professional learning, professional development, staff development, and in-service training are synonymous terms.  In order for students to learn and perform at high levels, educators must be learning virtually all of the time. Optimal professional learning is standards-based, results-driven, systemic, ongoing, and embedded into the daily routine of educators. The purpose of professional learning is quality learning and superior performance for all students and staff. Therefore, the Russellville School District is committed to academic excellence of the entire learning community