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Child Nutrition

Believing there is a strong relationship between a sound diet and scholastic achievement, we encourage children to eat a well-balanced breakfast and lunch.  The cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch daily with entree choices at both meals.  Meals consist of meat, vegetables, fruit and/or dessert, breads and grains, and milk.  All children will have ample time to eat their meal. 

Lunches from Home:

Students who bring lunches from home have the option of purchasing milk from the cafeteria for $.50.  Carbonated drinks have a negative effect on the body including tooth decay and the promotion of obesity.  Therefore, parents are asked not to pack or bring carbonated beverages for their child(ren)’s lunches.

Lunch Prices for the 16-17 School Year

Reduced Breakfast $0.30 / Reduced Lunch $0.40

Paid Breakfast $1.75 / Paid Lunch $2.50

Milk/Juice $.50

Parents are highly encouraged to pay ahead for several meals at a time as this increases the efficiency of cafeteria operations, decreases stress on parents, and decreases the chance of students losing their money.  Checks are to be made payable to the Russellville School District.  Please put your child(ren)’s name(s) on the memo line of your check.  One check can be sent to a cafeteria to be divided among more than one child in that school.  Please note your instructions on the memo line of your check.  Children going to school in different buildings will need separate checks.  We also encourage all parents to utilize our online payment system.  Meals may be paid for with check or cash at the school or the Administration building.  Online payments can be made with a debit card or credit card.  Call the Child Nutrition office at 498-8836  if you have problems accessing this part of the website.  You must have your child’s student ID number to utilize this site. Your school’s office should have this information for you.


As we realize the importance of family support for a child’s school success, visitors are welcome for lunch.  Food brought into the school from an outside source can only be shared with your student.  The cafeteria is happy to provide meals for parents who are eating lunch with their child(ren).  However, advance notice is needed to ensure that extra portions are prepared.  The cafeteria should not be expected to provide visitor meals unless they are requested ahead of time.  Please send a note with your child to school or call the office before 9:00 am to assist us in being able to serve you.  Visitor meals are $2.70 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch.


In the past, children have been allowed to charge meals for various reasons with expectations that the charges be paid the next day.  We realize that sometimes a parent and/or student will forget to bring money to pay for meals.  However, federal and state Child Nutrition guidelines prohibit the school from allowing students to accrue charges.  

Please remember the following items regarding charges:

All meals must be paid for in advance of eating them.  Your child(ren) should bring money first thing Monday morning .  Please pay for a minimum of one week at a time if at all possible.  We suggest keeping $5-7 in your child’s account at all times if you are a full-paying or reduced-paying household.

Please utilize our online payment system to pay online if you choose and/or to simply view current balances and get reminder e-mails free of charge.

Children that accrue charges have slips sent home weekly.

Students whose parents have applied for Free and Reduced Meals must still pay for meals until approval is official.  Benefits are not retro-active.  Parents are responsible for ALL meals their child(ren) eat until official approval is made by the Child Nutrition office.   This can take up to 10 days.  A notification letter will be sent home.   Parents who are waiting for approval from the Child Nutrition office for Free and Reduced meals must provide for their children(s) lunches by providing money or packing a lunch.

In the past, children have been allowed to charge in the case that they had forgotten their lunch money. Federal and State Child Nutrition guidelines prohibit the school from allowing students to accrue excessive charging. Students with more than 2 days of unpaid meals will be given a peanut butter (or cheese) sandwich and milk until full payment is received. When payment is received money will be applied to the negative balance first. Any remaining money from payment will be the available balance on the student’s account. 

Any money received by the cafeteria will go first to unpaid charges and then towards the price of a new meal.

We do not make accommodations for meals due to religious preferences.  However, we do follow dietary restrictions and/or modifications due to documented medical illnesses/issues/allergies as noted by a medical doctor (MD) in accordance with USDA guidelines.  Please speak with your school nurse if your child has a medical issue affecting his or her meal service needs.  We will work closely with the school nurse to assure these needs are met.  The RSD Child Nutrition department values feedback from parents in regards to meal service, nutrition, and other issues.   We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to your children.  

Child Nutrition accepts Cash, Check or Online Payment.