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Randall Williams, Superintendent of Schools
Renae Bailey, Administrative Assistant

Dear Patrons,

My vision for this school district is that we will provide to our students a caring environment that enables them to achieve their potential as students and as people.
Education is most important, however, to our students. Our students are preparing to become competitive in a local, state, national, and global economy that is changing at an ever quickening pace. In this era of rapid change the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic are still very crucial. Technology literacy is now an additional skill that all students need to master. Students also need opportunities for advanced learning in the sciences and mathematics. Research also tells us that students who have experiences in art, music, and extra curricular activities tend to be more creative and well rounded individuals. Very few districts in this state offer students the variety of experiences that meet all these needs. Russellville School District is recognized statewide as being one of those districts and you will see us continue to grow in the future.