Russellville High School Security Camera Project

The Russellville School District is accepting bids from licensed contractors for a new security camera system for Russellville High School.

Bid Information Packet

Asked Questions with Answers:

1) There will be a man lift required for camera installation and cable installation inside and outside the facilities. Will this be provided by the school system?

Answer: The district does not own an outside lift, and one will not be provided (due to the sticky nature of insuring something being rented by the school, but used by non-school employees).  Bids will need to cover whatever costs are needed for the lift to be rented and used by the contract company.

2) What kind of Bid Form is needed?
Answer:  Any form is acceptable for the required bid bond.  We do not specify they type of bid bond, only that one be provided.

3) Is the 5 % Surety Bid bond a requirement that must be complied with to bid?
Answer:  Yes, the bid bond is required.  It can be included in the cost of the bid.  If awarded the contract, the bid bond is returned once a performance bond is given.  If not awarded the bid, the bid bond is returned when the bid has been awarded.

4) Where are the pole locations that are getting cameras and their proximity to the building(s)?
Answer:  There will be 2 light poles in the middle of the parking lots out in front of the building needing exterior cameras (3 cameras on one, 4 on the other).  Wireless point-to-point bridges will have to be setup due to the inability to run cables, and also the distance involved (greater than 100 meters).  The front of the building is open enough that the building side of the bridges could be placed about anywhere on the front and have line of sight to the poles needed

5) How many, and what are the locations of the network closets?
Answer: The wiring closet locations are highlighted in green on the drawings, with the exception of the VoTech option plan, which has a closet roughly in the center of the building, slightly closer to the front (bottom on the map).  The difference between true center of the building and the closet where the wires will need to be pulled is 30 ft. or less.

6) For lift rental purposes, how high up the poles will the cameras be mounted?
Answer: A 25' lift will be sufficient for the light pole cameras.  Due to the grading on the back side of the building, a boom lift is recommended for the cameras that are required on the back of the building.

7) Is plenum cable required? 

Answer:  No.


8) What version of the Security Center are you running? 

Answer:  Security Center 5.2


9)  The switches you will be providing…will they be POE are do we need to include CCTV power supplies for all the cameras? 

Answer: PoE Switches will be provided by the district.


10)  You stated that a Boom lift is recommended  for the cameras on the back of the building. What size is needed. Will a 30' be sufficient, or will we need something larger?  

Answer: 30 feet will be sufficient.


11)  There are two detached buildings at the top of the VoTech building…are there network closets in these buildings?  

Answer: Yes.  Switches will be provided there as well.

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