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Building Our Future Together: RSD Strategic Plan

The Russellville School District Board of Education held a strategic planning meeting in November 2013 to begin the process of developing a vision for the school district and new goals for the next five years. During this strategic planning meeting, the Board worked with facilitator Ken Hubbell with Ken Hubbell & Associates, to look at where the board is now, where it has been, and where it would like to be in the future. 

The Board began this process by meeting with all employees in the district in February 2014, and began meeting with parents, business leaders, and the community in March/April 2014. These conversations helped the Board to develop a common set of goals and strategies to help guide the district’s leadership, reach student potential, and build a sense of ownership within our community. 

After the meetings, the Board synthesized the data to look for common themes among the answers. They then brought this information back to the employees, parents, and community to decide on the top priorities. The Board then began working on an action plan that was presented to the employees, parents, and community near the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. 

Below you will find information pertaining to the strategic plan including, a timeline, goals, and responses from meetings.