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Track 2A Summative

Teachers go through this track once every 3 years. The informal observations can focus on targeted growth areas on PGP.

By September 30
  • Principal & teacher revisit PGP created the previous Spring, to make any changes for this year 

  • First informal observation* (can be focused on PGP identified areas) 

November - December 
  • First formal observation** 

January- February
  • Second informal observation* 

By April 5
  • Summative evaluation conference 

By mid-April
  • Completed summative evaluation forms turned in to 

  • Teacher and principal determine PGP for the next school year 

*Informal Observations:
  • Minimum of 20 minutes 
  • Domains 2,3 
  • Scheduled or drop-in 

**Formal Observations:
  • Minimum of 40 minutes 
  • Scheduled with teacher 
  • All domains 

Includes pre and post-conference questions, completed by teacher prior to conference

By law, video recordings cannot be used for formal observations. You may use them for informals. Principals may conduct more informal or formal observations if needed.

If a teacher scores Unsatisfactory on any domain, he/she SHALL be placed in Track 3.

If a teacher scores Basic or Unsatisfactory on the majority of components of a domain, he/she MAY be placed in Track 3.