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Track 2B Interim Appraisal Process

Observations focused on targeted growth areas on PGP. A modified evaluation is based on specific components of rubric included in PGP over the two year cycle.

By September 30
  • Principal & teacher revisit PGP created the previous Spring, to make any changes for this year 

First Semester
  • First informal observation* (focused on PGP identified areas) 

October - December
  • Principal and teacher review PGP after first informal observation 

Second Semester
  • Second informal observation* 

By May 1
  • PGP Conference (PGP, including page 4 and signed signature page) 
  • Teacher and principal determine PGP for the next school year 

By May 15
  • Completed and signed PGP turned in to A. Bynum 

*Informal Observations:
  • Minimum of 20 minutes 
  • Domains 2,3 
  • Scheduled or drop-in 

By law, video recordings cannot be used for formal observations. You may use them for informals. Principals may conduct more informal or formal observations if needed.

A teacher must be moved to Track 2A by their evaluator, before moving on to Track 3.