School Messenger is the mass notification system used by the Russellville School District to communicate with our parents and staff.  Did you know there is a way to customize how School Messenger interacts with you?

School Messenger's Contact Manager is a free system that allows you to create an account and then customize how School Messenger communicates with you.  You can select up to three telephone numbers, two e-mail addresses, and two text message numbers to be used by School Messenger.  

You can select what categories of communication you would like to receive (Attendance, General, or Survey).  Choose any combination of communication methods (text, e-mail, or voice).  You control the experience that you have with School Messenger.

How do you get started?  You’ll need two pieces of information:  

  • Your child’s student ID number
  • A School Messenger activation code.  
Please call your child’s school and they can help you obtain this information.

Click here to create a School Messenger Contact Manager Account.