Track 3: Intensive Support Status

AR - Tess Teacher Tracks

This shall include teachers who have received a rating of Unsatisfactory in any one entire domain or may include teachers who have a rating of Unsatisfactory or Basic in the majority of components in a domain.

This timeline reflected here applies to teachers who begin the school year on this Track.

A teacher may stay on this track for 2 semesters and up to 4 semesters if he/she shows growth.

By September 30
  • Principal & teacher develop the Intensive Growth Plan (IGP) 

First Semester
  • 2 Informal observations per month is recommended* (focused on IGP identified areas) 
  • 1 formal observation** minimum 

Second Semester
  • Continuation of 2 informal observations per month 
  • 1 formal observation** minimum 

By April 5
  • Summative evaluation conference: 
    • At this time, one of the following actions will occur: 
    • 1) Teacher met goals and is moved to either Track 2A or 1 (if novice) 
    • 2) Progress was made but goals not met, teacher is recommended for 2 more semesters (maximum of 4 total). If this occurs, teacher should be notified in writing. 
    • 3) Teacher did not make progress and is recommended for termination or non-renewal. 

By mid-April
  • Completed summative evaluation forms turned in to A. Bynum 

  • Teacher and principal determine PGP or IGP for the next school year 

*Informal Observations:
  • Minimum of 20 minutes 
  • Domains 2,3 
  • Scheduled or drop-in 

**Formal Observations:
  • Minimum of 40 minutes 
  • Scheduled with teacher 
  • All domains 

Includes pre and post-conference questions, completed by teacher prior to conference

By law, video recordings cannot be used for formal observations. You may use them for informals.  Principals may conduct more informal or formal observations if needed.