2020 AP Scores Access for Students

2020 AP Scores for Arkansas will be released Thursday, July 16 at 7 a.m. CT.

If you forgot your username, use your email to recover it. If you forgot your password, reset it. Keep your account information confidential. Each year that you take AP, you’ll need your account information at the start of classes, so make sure to keep track of your username and password.

The RSD AP Office cannot access your CollegeBoard account or distribute individual students scores. If you need further assistance with your CollegeBoard account, please contact CollegeBoard via their website or student helpline.

Visit Account Help for any other account questions. For more guidance and information, go to our help page. 

Contact Dana Sumter, AP Coordinator, at dana.sumter@rsdk12.net or 479.968.3106.

Advanced Content Classes 

& one AP Course (Grades 6-9)

Advanced content classes for identified gifted and other high potential/high performing students are offered at the Russellville Middle and Junior High Schools in math, science, English, and social studies. AP U.S. History is offered in the ninth grade at Russellville Junior High School. The rigor of these classes offers students an opportunity to experience a differentiated curriculum at an advanced level. Classes are accelerated through in-depth study and enriched through content appropriate critical and creative problem-solving processes. Advanced content teachers have received College Board Summer Institute, Laying the Foundation, or another approved Secondary course content training.

Advanced Content Classes

& AP Courses (Grades 10-12)

Advanced content classes and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in all content areas at the high school level. 20 AP courses are currently offered at Russellville High School. Advanced content teachers and AP teachers have received College Board Summer Institute, Laying the Foundation, or another approved secondary course content training. In addition, high school students have the option of taking concurrent classes through Arkansas Tech University, enrolling in the ATU Career Center, and participating in Distance Learning courses offered at RHS.