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My name is Elizabeth Grice, and I am the music teacher at London Elementary. I graduated in 2019 from Harding University with a degree in Vocal Music Education. I have a passion for teaching, and if I wasn’t teaching music, I would find something else to teach! I believe that music class can not only instill a passion for music in our students, but can give students skills that will help them well past the one hour they are with me, such as: teamwork, listening skills, hard work, intrinsic motivation, and satisfaction from a job well done. I love teaching and am constantly learning and growing every day. 

In the Arkansas Music/Fine Arts standards, elementary music learning is divided into four categories: Performing, Responding, Creating, and Reflecting. Within these four categories are a world of learning! London Elementary students will learn about the instrument families, how to sing, how to read music at a beginner level, how to appreciate the difference in musical taste, and more! They will also learn music history, musical genres, and the differences in tempos, dynamics, articulations, etc. 2nd and 4th graders put on a program every year and learn important teamwork and performance skills. Students who finish the music program at London will be full of knowledge and ready to be a part of any ensemble in the future!








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