Science is an exciting subject for students at Oakland Heights. Arkansas has developed new science standards and these standards focus heavily on STEM Initiatives. These include science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students practice integrating these topics through a program called Project Lead the Way. In this program, students are presented with problems, such as how to get a rock out of a crater. Then they are asked to design a plan using math and science concepts to get the rock out of the crater. In this example, students learn to apply scientific concepts to use as they design. Students test their hypothesis or design and learn as much when a plan doesn’t work as when it does. Students utilize technology throughout this process in ways we have never been able to do before.

Students at Oakland Heights attend a science lab once a week for 50 minutes. In this lab setting, students are under the direction of a science teacher and further explore science concepts using hands on activities and scientific methods. The science lab has recently acquired its first 3-D printer as well as several coding manipulatives that allow students to experience science and technology combine for exciting new outcomes.