Language Academy (English as a Second Language)

The Language Academy is a program where RMS students who need English as a Second Language (ELS) services can thrive in content curriculum while engaging with ESL endorsed teachers. The Language Academy exists in RHS, RJHS, and RMS. The Language Academy is divided into two different academies:

  • Language Academy I: An ALE Newcomer Program for 9-12th graders who speak little to no English.

  • Language Academy II: A sheltered class program for secondary ESL students to gain ESL services while in their content classes.

In Language Academy I, New-to-the-Country students receive ESL services in the content classes. These classes are a sheltered environment that is also Alternative Learning Environment. The teachers are all ESL endorsed, and they are trained in ESL strategies while they deliver grade level content. These classes also offer cultural immersion and intensive English.

In Language Academy II, ESL students receive ESL services with ESL endorsed teachers who modify the curriculum to incorporate the ESL strategies into their content. This is also a sheltered environment for students who are growing in their reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  


  • English 6th & 7th Grade

  • Math 6th & 7th Grade

  • Science 6th & 7th Grade

  • Social Studies 6th & 7th Grade

  • ESL 6th & 7th Grade