Instructional Facilitator


Nancy Madison

Hello! I graduated from Arkansas Tech in 1998 with my degree in elementary education.  I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 2002 with a masters in reading.  I began teaching at Crawford in 1999 as a first-grade teacher.  I have taught both kindergarten and first-grade.

Crawford is the only school I have worked in and I can't imagine working anywhere else.  

What Does an Instructional Facilitator Do?
Instructional facilitators apply strategies of adult learning across
teacher leadership activities. We often design and lead district
and building level training based on assessed student and
teacher needs. We help teachers analyze classroom and state
assessment data to inform instruction and frequently provide
demonstration lessons in curriculum and teaching techniques for
classroom teachers and others. As instructional facilitators, we
communicate research based instructional practices and student
achievement between and among teachers, within and across
grade level and assist in the implementation of the components
of the Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
(ACSIP) process. We provide differentiated assistance to
teachers based on individual needs to ensure high levels of
success for their students.