Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraiser picture

The annual Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser is in full swing. Students are working hard selling amazing cookie dough and raising money for Russellville Middle School. 

Selling began on September 4th and will continue until Wednesday September 23rd. 

RMS students receive a prize for every 5 cookie dough orders and top sellers are eligible for some amazing prizes. 

We also are excited about the VOTE TO MAKE THE PRINCIPAL DO SOMETHING CRAZY CONTEST! Students selling one item gets one vote and then get an extra vote for every 10 items that they sell. Students will vote to either turn our Principal into a  HUMAN ICE CREAM SUNDAE (Students who sell 20 or more items get to dump ice cream and toppings on the Principal) or DUCT TAPE THE PRINCIPAL TO THE WALL (Again, students selling 20 or more items will get to help duct tape the principal to the wall.)

Join in the fun and help raise funds for our programming and activities for our students!