G/T Procedures



The student identification process is a multi-dimensional procedure. Referrals are sought through a wide variety of sources to ensure that all potentially gifted and talented students have an opportunity to be considered. Although district-wide identification is conducted each spring, referrals are accepted throughout the school year.
Referral forms may be obtained at any time during the school year from the District G/T Office located at Russellville High School or by calling the GT Office at 479.968.3106.
*Referral forms are currently available here.


ADE Rules & Regulations state criteria must consist of at least two subjective and two objective measures, at least one of which must be creativity. Multiple data is collected and a case-study approach is used. Data gathered includes standardized achievement test results, behavioral checklists and questionnaires (parent and teacher), cognitive nonverbal abilities test, Math/Science, Language Arts/Social Studies and creativity abilities tests administered by district G/T staff, classroom performance measures (grades), and work samples.


The following multiple criteria are currently used:

  1. Standardized Achievement Test Results

  2. Cognitive Non-Verbal

  3. Academic Abilities Screen

  4. Math/Science

  5. Language Arts/Social Studies

  6. Creativity Measure

  7. Scale for Identifying Giftedness Home Scale

  8. Scale for Identifying Giftedness Teacher Scale

Scores in each criteria section fall into ranges: Below Average, Average, Above Average, High, Extremely High.


Building level G/T Placement Committees comprised of at least five educators; GT coordinator, G/T specialist(s), principal, counselor, instructional facilitator, and/or teacher review all case studies on an individual basis in making decisions for selection of students in need of special education services. Student placement decisions are based on the above mentioned multiple criteria. All building level committee placement decisions are reviewed by district G/T staff before final placement is made to ensure consistency across the district.
Letters are mailed to the parent(s) of the committee’s decision after the students’ last day of the school year. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the district G/T coordinator to review the data gathered on their child. Parents may appeal a decision with which they do not agree. Placement decisions letters for students nominated prior to the spring identification are sent immediately upon the completion of the placement.


Parents may appeal a placement with which they disagree.
Parents may contact the Gifted & Talented Program Coordinator if they wish to question the placement of their child.
The Coordinator will review the case study with the parent.
After reviewing the data, the Coordinator will determine one of the following:

  1. Placement will remain as recommended by the School Identification Committee.

  2. The School Identification Committee will review the case again. The decision of the committee will be:

i. Placement in the on-level classroom
ii. Placement in the Gifted & Talented Program
If the parent is still not satisfied with the decision, they may contact the District G/T Appeals Committee, comprised of the appropriate Director of Instruction (Elementary or Secondary), a principal and a school counselor not serving on the student’s School Identification Committee.
The District Appeals Committee will meet with the G/T Coordinator to discuss the pending issue and the decision made by the School Identification Committee.
The District Appeals Committee will make the final decision.


If a parent or guardian should request that a student be removed from the Gifted & Talented Program, a conference with that parent or guardian will be requested before the student is removed. If the parent continues to feel that the program cannot meet the needs of the student, the student will be removed from the Gifted & Talented Program. Parents will sign a form requesting the student be removed from the program, which will be placed in the student’s G/T file.
If a gifted and talented specialist or classroom teacher requests that a student be removed, she/he needs to follow this procedure:

  1. Conference with the student (including the child’s G/T teacher)

  2. Conference/Communicate with parent(s)

  3. Implement a plan of action for assisting student in the problem area(s)

  4. Repeat conference/communication with parent, which may include the Gifted & Talented Coordinator

  5. Reasons for dismissal in writing to be placed in the student’s G/T file

If the decision has been made to remove a student, the parent and student will receive a written reason for such removal and of their right to appeal the decision.
If a student requests his/her removal from the Gifted & Talented Program, a conference to include the student, parent, and G/T specialist will be held to determine the reason for the request. At this time, decisions will be made to determine if the student will continue the program.
Special circumstances may allow parents to waive services for their child without removing them from the program.
Any questions about the RSD Gifted & Talented Program may be directed to Dana Sumter, GT/AP Coordinator.
GT/AP Office: 479.968.3106