G/T Program Service Options: K-2


Arkansas Department of Education Gifted & Talented Rules and Regulations requires K-2 students to receive thirty minutes of whole group enrichment weekly. The GT certified teacher will teach a 30-minute lesson monthly, and the regular classroom teacher will teach a 30-minute follow-up lesson in the corresponding weeks. Kindergarten curriculum is literature based, while 1st and 2nd-grade curriculum will be based around analytical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity lessons. Documentation of enrichment lessons and student responses must be on file in the G/T Office for monitoring purposes. In addition, G/T specialists may assist teachers in differentiating the curriculum as needed and in the identification of gifted characteristics exhibited by students in their classrooms. Each elementary school has a G/T specialist designated as its G/T resource specialist.
Russellville School District provides all K-2 students with weekly Enrichment lessons taught by GT teachers and classroom teachers working cooperatively.

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade Enrichment

is based on Gifted & Talented and PLTW (Project Lead The Way) Launch cross-curricular lessons focusing on three objectives; self-understanding, rigor and diversity, and learning environments. Students will demonstrate self-knowledge with respect to their interests, strengths, identities, and needs in socio-emotional development and in intellectual, academic, creative, leadership, and artistic domains. Students will take part in a culturally relevant curriculum and use a repertoire of critical thinking, problem-solving, and inquiry-based strategies. Students' learning environments foster personal and social responsibility, multicultural competence, and interpersonal and technical communication skills for leadership in the 21st century.