Christopher King

Transportation Coordinator

PH: 479.890.8561

FX: 479.890.8576

Per the State Department: While on buses, open or crack windows if doing so does not pose a safety risk. Keeping windows open, even a few inches, improves air circulation. ADH and ADE also recommend maintaining as much physical distance as possible between riders on the bus. In addition, keeping siblings/household members seated together is also a helpful strategy. Masks are recommended due to the close nature of a bus environment.”

TO PARENTS: The vandalizing of school buses is a continuing problem. When bus seats and other vandalism repairs have to be made, it costs money. We need your help to stop this waste. A student who vandalizes a bus will be charged the cost of the repair and will be unable to ride the bus until full restitution is made. 

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a parent or other non-school person, step onto a bus to confront a driver or a student. They should call the office of the Director of Transportation at 890-8561 to arrange a meeting if there is a problem with a student or driver on the bus.



The Transportation Department provides safe transportation for students to and from school every day. The department oversees 71 school buses, 42 route drivers, three mechanics, two office staff, eight bus aides, and over 20 trip and substitute drivers . We run approximately 99 scheduled routes per day focused on keeping our students safe.


InfoFinder is an online program that helps you determine the school serving your neighborhood and the available bus stops. InfoFinder also provides a helpful street map. Just enter your home address and click "Search."


  • 1. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time. The bus does not have time to wait for you. While waiting for the bus, students must remain in a safe place away from traffic. Stay off the roadway or highway!! Stand back at least ten feet from the bus stop and wait until the door is opened before moving toward the bus.

  • 2. If your bus is late getting to your stop in the morning, wait until it arrives. If you are tardy at school, go to your principal’s office and report it. 

  • 3. While loading or unloading, enter or leave the bus orderly and quickly. 

  • 4. Do not bring visiting relatives, friends, or pets, to ride the bus. Occasional riders (riding home with a friend; going to grandparents) must have a note from the parent/guardian and signed by the principal in order to ride. 

  • 5. After you have been assigned to a bus, do not change and ride another bus without first getting permission from the Director of Transportation. 

  • 6. Do not bring large items on the bus or items that protrude into the aisle of the bus. Band instruments that can be carried on your lap are permissible. 

  • 7. Any toys or other recreational items (footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc.) must be kept in a backpack or some other sort of bag or container on the bus and at the bus exchange. State law prohibits laser lights on the bus. 

  • 8. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not distract the attention of the driver or disturb other riders on the bus. No food and drinks are to be consumed on the bus. 

  • 9. There is to be no profanity or vulgar language on the bus. When you talk, talk in a normal tone. 

  • 10. There is to be no scuffling, hitting, or fighting on the bus or at bus stops. If someone is bothering you, report it to the driver. 

  • 11. Students are to keep seated while the bus is in motion. Always wait until the bus comes to a stop before standing up to get off the bus. 

  • 12. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats.

  • 13. Students are not to tamper with any of the safety devices such as door latches, fire extinguishers, etc. 

  • 14. Students are not to put their hands, arms, heads, or any other part of their bodies out the window. 

  • 15. Do not ask the driver to let you off the bus uptown, at the store, at the mailbox, or any other place other than your regular stop. He is not authorized to do this. Going to the mailbox before the bus leaves is against state law. 

  • 16. If you must cross the road to get on the bus, wait until the bus has come to a complete stop and the driver has signaled for you to cross in front of the bus. If you must cross the road after leaving the bus in the afternoon, go to a point on the shoulder of the road approximately ten (10) feet in front of the bus. Cross the road only after the driver has signaled for you to do so. 

  • 17. While riding the bus, students are under the supervision of the driver and must obey the driver at all times. 

  • 18. Bullying will not be tolerated in any form on Russellville School District buses. Anyone participating in this type of activity may be suspended from riding all buses. 

  • 19. Any activity that is a distraction to the driver will not be tolerated. Students may be suspended from bus riding privileges for distracting activities. The bus driver will report unacceptable behavior to the building principal on a discipline form as seen below. Multiple offenses WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF RIDING PRIVILEGES. 

Plan adheres directly to the Arkansas Department of Health Guidelines:

  • All drivers and aides may wear a face covering.

  • All students may wear a face covering.

  • Face covering will be available for those without.

  • Staff will be provided with an additional face shield if desired.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the service entrance to each bus.

  • Students will be coached to “distance” at bus stops, but the district will not police this.

  • Upon re-entry to the bus yard, a staff member will be waiting in front of the shop to disinfect each bus before it is parked. Drivers may exit the bus while this process is taking place and then park the bus when it is completed. (am/pm)

  • Mechanics will travel to buildings after the morning routes to disinfect busses that park at those buildings during the day.

  • We have 2 buses that park at home in the evenings. These staff members will use spray disinfectant each evening to sanitize the bus.

  • Parents will “screen” their children before sending them on the bus.

  • Staff will “self-screen” before reporting to work.

  • Any confirmed cases of Covid-19 and/or probable close contact will be reported to Annie Schanink (RSD Contact).

  • Staff should avoid congregating in the break room.

  • Masks may be worn to enter the Bus Shop and Transportation Office.