The following are forms used by the District for operations, processing, and management.

Section 1: Board Governance & Operations Salary Schedule Advancement Form
3.2.2FR Core Competency Review Checklist for Counselors
3.9.1FR Sick Leave Bank Contribution
3.9.2FR Sick Leave Bank for Retiring Teachers
3.9.3FR Sick Leave Bank Request
3.9.4FR Catastrophic Leave Bank Contribution
3.9.5FR Catastrophic Leave Bank Request
3.10.1FR Contracted Teacher and Principal (or Administration) Feedback on Substitutes
3.11.1FR In-Service Leave Form
3.20.1FR Application for Professional Leave - Licensed
3.20.2FR Out-of-District Travel Reimbursement - Licensed
3.25FR Licensed Personnel Level Two Grievance Form
3.32FR FMLA Personnel Reporting Form - Licensed
3.28F Licensed Personnel Employee Internet Use Agreement

Section 4: Students
4.21.1FR Confirmation and Receipt Requirements for Participation in Athletic Activities and Consent for Drug Testing
4.24.21FR Prescription and Non-prescription Medication Requirements for Participation in Athletic/Spirit Groups
4.27.1FR Student Sexual Harassment Form
4.27.2FR Sexual Harassment Administrative Follow-Up Form
4.29F Student Internet Use Agreement
4.29F1 Student Internet Use Agreement - Spanish
4.35FR Medication Administration Form
4.35FR1.1 Medication Administration Record
4.35FR1.2 Medication Administration Record (Tube Feeding)
4.35FR1.3 Medication Administration Record (Insulin)
4.35FR2 Medication Self-Administration Consent Form
4.35FR3 Glucagon Administration Consent Form
Russellville Community Scholarship Application

Section 5: Curriculum and Instruction
5.6FR Request for Reevaluation of Book(s) and Other Instructional Materials
5.11.1FR Acceleration Data Summary
5.11.2FR Acceleration Student Review
5.19.2F Home Schooled Students' Letter of Intent to Participate in an Extracurricular Activity

Section 8: Classified Personnel Policies
8.2 Classified Staff Evaluation Instrument
8.6.3FR Sick Leave Bank Contribution Form
8.6.4FR Catastrophic Leave Bank Contribution Form
8.6.5FR Sick/Leave Bank Request Form
8.6.6FR Physician's Certification for Sick/Catastrophic Leave
8.6.7FR Sick/Catastrophic Leave Bank Contribution Form - Retiring Exployee
8.14.1FR Application for Professional Leave - Classified
8.14.2FR Out-of-District Travel Reimbursement - Classified
8.19FR Level Two Grievance Form
8.22F Classified Internet Use Agreement
8.23FR FMLA Personnel Reporting Form - Classified
8.28F Drug Free Workplace Policy Acknowledgement