RSD Board President Chris Cloud Releases the Following Statement 

on Behalf of the Board of Education

On January 20, 2021, the Board of Directors of the Russellville School District evaluated the job
performance of its former superintendent, Dr. Mark Gotcher. 

The employment contract between the Russellville School District and Dr. Gotcher provided that the Board of Directors may extend the contract by one or more years if the Board of Directors, in its evaluation, determined that Dr. Gotcher achieved satisfactory progress toward realizing the goals set forth by the Board of Directors and in fulfilling the mission and vision of the Russellville School District. 

The Board of Directors declined its option to extend Dr. Gotcher’s contract as part of the January 20, 2021 evaluation.

Chris Cloud
Board President

For the full press release: School Board Statement following 04.20.21 Board Meeting