RUSSELLVILLE Ark. - On Thursday, July 21st, the Russellville City Council approved the  funding of four additional  School Resource Officers (SROs) for the Russellville School District. These officers will be placed at RSD Elementary schools. 

Currently, RSD has SROs for Russellville Middle School and Intermediate School, Russellville Junior High School, and Russellville High School. Now, the City of Russellville will be funding SROs for each elementary school inside Russellville city limits. This includes Sequoyah, Oakland Heights, Dwight, and Crawford Elementary schools. 

Since London and Center Valley Elementary are outside of Russellville City limits, RSD partners with the Pope County Sheriff's Office to provide an officer that presides over them.  In addition, the London Police Chief who is dedicated to the surveillance of London Elementary.

It is important to note that officer presence is one piece of a large puzzle that ensures safety in our schools. Safety is a joint responsibility through the whole school district. RSD has additional safety measures which include additional supervising personnel, practicing safety procedures, following locked door protocols, a badge in door system, and a cyber security program that alerts appropriate personnel about suspicious online activity. 

In order for our schools to focus on teaching and learning, ensuring the safety of our students and staff must come first. 

The RSD District Safety Team is committed to protecting what matters  most - our students and staff. 

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