Superintendent's COVID-19 Friday, October 30, 2020 Update


Superintendent's COVID-19 Friday, October 30, 2020, Update

As of this communication on October 30th we have:

  • 9 active positive cases (10 last week) among students (5) and staff (4). 
  • 14 staff members were quarantined (11 last week).
  • 51 students were quarantined (91 last week) That is a 44% decrease from last week. 
  • A total of 74 students and staff are out of school or work as of this week.
  • Our total cumulative positive cases among staff and students are 115 out of 6,028 students and staff. This is 1.9% of our district who have tested positive since the outbreak.

How does this compare to all of the residents within our community?

According to the ACHI (Arkansas Center for Health Improvement) data as of October 26th there were:

  • 1,853 cumulative positive cases in the Russellville community (4% of community).
  • 168 new cases (179 last week).

We are certainly trending in the right direction. Please keep doing your best to keep everyone around you safe and please enjoy this beautiful weekend!